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اراک - میدان امام خمینی - شهرک دانشگاه - آزاد اسلامی اراک

دفتر انتشارات علمی - / تلفن :   ۴۱۳۰۵۷۸-۰۸۶۱

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  دانلود کتاب مهندسی نرم افزار  پرسمن

      Software Engineerin Pressman


  دانلود کتاب طراحی واسط کاربر

                              The Essential Guide to User Interface Design WILEY


  دانلود کتاب مهندسی نرم افزار  ۲

Writing Better Requirements (Richard Stevens & Addison Wesley 





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کتاب مهندسی نرم افزار ۱و ۲   استاد فراهانی

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اراک - خیابان دانشگاه - روبروی درب اصلی دانشگاه ازاد اسلامی اراک - کتابفروشی پردیس

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Personal Information



Nationality: Iran

Proficient in following languages: Farsi -English





Master of Science in Computer Software Engineering, NAJAFABAD AZAD University, Aug 1998

Major in computer software & computer networks, network operating systems, Advance concepts in software engineering, Simulation & Expert systems.

Achievement [percentage]:85

Obtain knowledge of these soft wares Windows 95/98/NT, MS SQL-SERVER 6.5, and VB 5.0, DELPHI 1, 2)


Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Engineering, BEHESHTI University, and Tehran May 1993

Major in computer software and minor in computer control and optimization. Formal studies included operating systems, Database systems, and Database development - Analysis, Programming Languages, Computer Networks Technology and Expert systems. Achievement [percentage]:70


Obtain knowledge of VM, PC-DOS, PL/1, COBOL, PASCAL, CLIPPER and IBM 370 Assembler


Professional Courses:

Structured System Analysis & Design Methodology.

Object Oriented Analysis & Design using the Booch Methodology.

Object Oriented Programming


Summary of Skills

Teaching Experience: +10 years

Working Experience: +16years


Teaching university courses: Software engineering, Database,

Artificial Intelligence, Expert systems, User Interface Design, Database Laboratory


Design/Development: SSADM, UML, RUP

A Brief Description:

Roham Farahani: Faculty of ARAK AZAD University computer software department with more than 10 years experience in teaching and more than 16 years experience in software system development.



Recently Career


Software testing & practical test methods and Microsoft Testing tools, User interface design for convert use case descriptions to real software interface.



Teaching Experience


Note: All work experiences are fully dependent to computer software teaching. Also I work both in university and outside of university for can be more involve in real world of IT.


March 2000 -Present ARAK AZAD University – Member of computer software

Main tasks:

1: Teaching courses: Software engineering 1, 2 – System Analysis & Design-Database- Database Laboratory - Business Programming- Expert systems- User Interface Design and Artificial Intelligence.

2:Student leading: More than 200 students in BS were under leading for final projects with two area (research & programming), researches were in  new concepts same as XML, J2EE, .Net, RSS Feeders, Search engines that were project subject for research and some programming projects same as library system, sale & purchasing system, Enroll system were project subject for doing.

3: Publication: 1 book is published, 1 article is sent for publishing in a scientific Iranian journal, and 5 articles are published in computer magazine in Iran.

March 1998 –Sep 2000 ROODE HEN AZAD University – Member of computer software

Main tasks:

1: Teaching courses: System Analysis & Design-Database

2: Student leading: More than 100 students in BS were under leading for final projects.

                                    Ref: Mr.  Asgari                    



Working Experience

Nov 2002- March 2008 AZAR AB industries Co. – Advance System analyst and programming in separate projects.          

Main tasks:

1: Design & implement of Quality control & quality assurance system with DELPHI 7.0 & MSSQL SERVER 2000 over Windows XP & Windows 2003 server.

2: Prepare Data and flow process, Data Conversion, on the job leading users for Iranian ERP (ParsSystem) in financial part.

3: Train programmers for give needed skills of DELPHI & MSSQL SERVER.

4: Design & implement Salary system.

5: Design & implement of planning & control system for HMC part of factory in web environment. With ASP and MSSQL SERVER database.

6: a member of two person team for design & implement computation efficiency system with Delphi & Oracle database.


Feb 1999- Nov 2002 BEHSAZAN MELLAT Co., DBA -Network Manager & System Analyst

Main tasks:


1: System analyst for analyze & design 3 subsystems (Support, Customer signs, Inspection) of total integrated banking system of MELLLAT bank of Islamic Republic of Iran. Now System is operational in over 2000 branch of MELLAT bank for internal banking operations. Then another project was defined for one account to be valid on all MELLAT bank branches.


July 1997 - Feb 1999 SHABAKEH AFZAR Co., Software & Network engineering.

Main tasks:


2: Network administrator: Installing SQL SERVER 7.0 Replication, Windows NT Enterprise Implementation, New experience on Script programming over INTERNET, Web site Design with these software tools: Power Point, MS Publisher, Front Page 2000, Flash 4.0.

Windows NT Webmaster -Network Operating system Installer (Windows NT 4.0, Novell NetWare 4.xx, 5.0)-Design & Implementing an Operational Application system in an Intranet, include many Reports & many Input Forms.

The Database Engine was SQL-SERVER 6.5, Reports was implemented with IDC, HTX files and also I used Crystal Info 6.0 for report designing.

Data Entries be done in FoxPro Data files then an alert program transfer data from this temporary database into SQL-SERVER then Queries executed under this Database Engine that was ran on Windows NT 4.0 operating system. HTTP ODBC was an interface for connect to Database Engine by Web Server.

Tools used include: MS Visual Basic 5.0, MS SQL-SERVER 6.5, MS Exchange Server 5.5, IIS 3.0, MS, Access 95, Crystal Info 6.0, and MS Visual FoxPro 5.0


Feb 1996- July1999 PARDAZESH Co.

Main tasks:

Quality Control Information System Design & Implementing with SSAD & OOD Methodologies. This system is operational in the AZAR AB Industries Company now, also the system tested in the form of part of a total system and all software integration tests are done.

System Reports programmed with Nested Relation Method and database coding was done with Embedded SQL manner.

Tools used include: Novell NetWare 4.11, Clipper 5.0.


April 1995-Feb 1996 3rd Area Water Organization, Computer Department Manager

Main tasks:


Pc-Computer Network Administration -AS/400 Minicomputer Networking & Remote Communication Devices maintenance.

Translating some AS/400 Programs to PC with Clipper 5.0

-Project Management of system Testing & co-operating in software Enhancement. In this time parallel I design & implement material enroll section of AZAR AB Co. Quality Control system, I must say that AZAR AB Company have 2500 staffs and produce power plan boilers with distributed Offices & Factories.

-Engineering System Tester in a total system (13 systems) for AZAR AB Co. that must was integrated. Some of those systems operate in one city and others in another city.

All designing documentations were done with SSAD Methodology.

Tools used include: Novell NetWare 3.11, FOXPRO


April 1991-Jan 1993 JANBAZAN ENGINEERING & MEDICAL INSTIITUTE, Computer Department Manager and Application Develop


Main tasks:

PC-Computer Network Administration -Application Programming with Clipper RDBMS

Enough experience in design & implementing all following systems:

   -Storage planning systems

   -Payroll systems

   -Accounting systems

   -Industry Machines Loading & Planning

   -Sales & purchasing systems

   -Tools used include: Novell NetWare 3.11, Foxpro 2.0-2.6



1: Roham Farahani (Dec 2006), Software engineering with Structured & object oriented methods Book, First Edition, noore elm Press.

2: Roham Farahani (Jan 2008), the Internet Robot Information Agent Architecture for the Online Integration of Web Data, MASHHAD AZAD university international scientific journal. (Paper Accepted)

3: Roham Farahani (July 2006), Using Generic Heterogeneous Database Connectivity between Oracle 9i & FoxPro 2.6 with Delphi 7.0, Computer Magazine.

4: Roham Farahani (July 2005), Problems of User Interface Design in IRAN to Meet User Software Requirements When Changing Traditional Systems to New systems for 32bit-MS Windows, Computer Magazine.

5: Roham Farahani (Sep 2006), Workflow and Service Oriented Architecture, Computer Magazine.

6:  Roham Farahani (August 2006), Structure and components of ERP systems, Computer Magazine.


Additional Information

Some of summery work skills are:

Programming Languages: VB (4 yrs), PASCAL (3 yrs), FOXPRO (5 yrs), PL/1 (2 yrs), PROLOG (1 yrs), DELPHI (7 yrs)


Operating Systems:  Windows XP, Windows 95 -98(3 yrs), Windows NT (2 yrs), Novell NetWare (5 yrs), VM (3 yrs)


Software: MS Visual Basic 5.0,HTML, Java Scripts, Visio 4-4.5,MS Office, MS Project, and Crystal Info 6.0,            Exchange server 5.5, WordPerfect


Database Technologies: SQL-SERVER 6.5, SQL-SERVER 7.0, MS Access 7.0, MS Visual FoxPro 5.0, and Clipper 5.0


Project Lead: Project Planning, Project Management system, Storage planning system, Quality Control System



Other: Client /Server, 3 Tier system, Distributed systems




1-Software engineering (Methodologies, Software testing, CASE tools…)

2- Database systems (SQL, OODB…)

3- HCI/User Interface Design


Volleyball, basketball and tennis sports, seeing museum and go to meet near kinfolk.


Independent Projects


1-      Produce a presentation system for PVI Company that it’s introduced in CANADA.

2-      Developed integrated information system for Pymankary Khandan Company that include 3 systems with SQL Server 2000, Delphi 7.0 soft wares.



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WEB MASTER Email: ali.joudaki@yahoo.com 


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